Where to find "Emotions"

As some of you may well know, "Emotions" has been out for about two months! Many of you have requested information on where and how to stream/purchase it. The information below will aid you in doing just that! Thanks for all of the support.

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/emotions-ep/id1269997757

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jayleigh37/sets/emotions

It may also be streamed from this website on the music page, Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Shazaam, and more. Just search Jada Lee! 


Jada Dale
Behind Emotions

As some of you know, my debut EP, Emotions, will be released soon. To prepare you all for the release, I decided to give you a deeper look into Emotions

Why is the EP called Emotions?

Ever since I can remember, I've been the girl who pretends like she doesn't feel. Somehow I've equated strength to being emotionless or unbothered. Truthfully, strength comes from facing your emotions and not caring how others feel about them or you. So, I named this EP Emotions to remind myself to let myself be human. I can't be perfect all of the time and I no longer want to be. I wanna feel the sadness, the happiness, and the love. And forcing myself to share my emotions with the world will allow me to let go of my habit of hiding them. I'm sharing my truth with you all and I hope you love it as much as I do. 

How many songs are on Emotions?

This EP consists of 5 songs. Each one depicts a different emotion, which I'm sure we all have felt at some point in our lives. 

Tell us more about each song?

  1. Enough - I've been through a lot within my 22 years on this Earth. I've gotten my heart broken so many times that I began to internalize that pain...like "why does this keep happening to me?", "Is this my fault?", "If this keeps happening with different people, then it must be me?"...But, the biggest question was "Am I not good enough?". Truthfully, sometimes that hurt from past relationships comes back at the worst moments, like when I'm faced with a new romantic interest or when I look at myself in the mirror. This song depicts that feeling of not being "enough" and how a toxic relationship can change you for the worst.  Favorite Line: Shattered relationships lead to distorted images of myself/ I didn't see my worth no more
  2. Karma - Well, I'm pretty sure you can guess what this song is about. It's that feeling you get when someone does you dirty and you just can't wait for them to get that karma back. In that moment, you don't care if you're being spiteful...you just want them to feel your pain. You want them to understand how they made you feel. You know that whole, you won't feel me until someone pulls a you on you. Yeah, that's what this song is about lol. Favorite Line: I pray karma comes to my defense/ I hope she curses your relationships
  3. Colors of Love - This song describes the pain one feels after a relationship goes sour and then delineates the hope that ensues. The desire to experience something better. To experience a love that will remind you what it's like to experience life in color. To recognize the yellows, pinks, and reds rather than the black and blues. It's a song about wanting to forget about your heartbreaks and moving towards a new season of happiness and love. It's about hope. Favorite Line: Yellow/ The color of tomorrow/ of the sun shining on me and giving me hope
  4. Habits - This song is basically about acceptance. It's about being honest with yourself about your habits. I included this song on this EP because most of my habits have to do with my emotions. For instance, holding my feelings in and hiding them with a grin or loving so selflessly. Favorite Line: I worry incessantly/ I work relentlessly/that's the perfectionist in me. 
  5. Good - This song is the exact opposite of "Enough". I learned that internalizing the outcome of my past relationships isn't the way to go. It didn't work out for a reason and instead of feeling bad about it, I chose to believe that better is coming. But..most of all, I realized my worth. I no longer feel like I wasn't good enough, instead I realized that I was too good...I'm too loving, too strong, too independent. This song is about confidence and about reclaiming yourself after being hurt. It's about loving yourself and knowing that what occurred isn't your fault. Favorite Line: I'm too much of a woman baby/And you're too little of a man

Which song is your favorite lyrically?

I would say that "Colors of Love" is my favorite lyrically mostly because of the clever usage of colors to describe love. The idea of letting black and blue go to achieve yellow, pink, and red. I love the imagery of the song and how it also takes me through a journey within my memories. It reminds me that yeah, I've been hurt before but love could be right around the corner.

Which song is your favorite overall?

I'm indecisive. It would either be "Karma" or "Colors of Love"! 

Which platforms will you be releasing Emotions on?'

"Emotions" will be released on a lot of platforms, but to name a few...you can find it on Amazon mp3, Apple iTunes, Google Music Store, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Rhapsody, Shazam, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, etc.  

The most important question: When will it be released?

Wednesday, August 9th!!! 

I really want to thank everyone that has made a contribution of some sort to this project, whether that be monetary, creative, or good ole moral support. I appreciate each and every one of you. I look forward to the release of this project and there will be many more to come! 



Jada Dale