23. Only Child. R&B Artist.

At an early age, Jada exhibited an undeniable love for music. At 7 years old, Jada was writing songs and performing them for her family and friends. She listened to all genres of music and one day dreamed of hearing her music all over the world.

Jada grew up in the church and credits her upbringing for her soulful, R&B voice. She began auditioning for prestigious choirs in middle school. She prides herself on being a part of All-Shore and All-State choirs in both middle and high school, where she was named #3 vocalist in the state of Maryland.

During high school, Jada also participated in Rock and Roll Revival, a local show that includes a live band, dancers, and background singers. These shows solidified her desire to becoming a recording artist. After graduating high school with a 4.8 GPA, she attended Temple University to learn how to engineer her own music. While at Temple, she was also an engineer and co-host of an iHeart Radio college radio show.

After attending a program sponsored by the school, Jada created her YouTube channel (2014). Her channel is home to cover videos and original content. During her time in college, she not only worked diligently to obtain a 3.97 cumulative GPA, but she also worked on her music. It’s hard to believe that Jada started doing music professionally only 2 years ago! Even though Jada has been singing for most of her life, she released her first single, “Fall in Love with Me” on Valentine’s Day in 2016. She wrote, produced, and engineered the track by using the information she learned at Temple University.

In 2016, Jada opened for Grammy nominated recording artist, Jazmine Sullivan at a Gala event. This event opened her eyes to her own potential and motivated her to keep going. Since graduating college, Jada has been focusing on her music career. She released her debut EP in July of 2017. Since then, she has released another EP and numerous singles. She hopes to catch national attention and will continue to put out material until that happens.